Between catching a mouse, attending a party, and cooking for company, I’ve actually made good progress on my latest beaded cuff over the past several days! The color chart for the body of the cuff is finished…various shades of lavender, teal, lime, and royal blue.  I’m thinking of adding a touch of fuchsia to the zigzag band edges, but I won’t really know until I get further along as the design is still evolving. This I know…it will have wonderful little metallic Horns jutting midway around the circumference of the cuff. I take inspiration from CGB as I create my geometric beaded works, never quite knowing what new ideas will surface between the start and finish of a piece. It’s always an adventure…the kind that sometimes keeps me awake at night as I contemplate and explore new ideas, the impetus that makes me rush into the studio every morning eager to get to work!