BeadAndButton2013_BeadPurchasesI tried to be very good this year by not buying more of what I already have and I think I did pretty well. With so many classes scheduled, I only had about six hours to shop the floor show. Had I had more time and money to spend, I could have done some serious damage! Last year I wasn’t all that impressed with what the vendors were offering, but this year the vendors at Bead&Button had some new and exciting items. Acrylic beads were prominent in several booths and Takumi has a new line of large hole seed beads. Fluorescent seed beads are now all the rage. Preferring intense, yet subdued colors, I passed on the multitude of neon offerings. What I did purchase were an array of Czech spike beads, which look wonderful bezeled with seed beads! I succumbed to a few acrylic fish and stars and several that resemble flower petals. I found lovely strands of 13/0 and 15/0 Charlottes in metallic and iridescent shades and I filled in my present stash of 11/0 seed beads with colors I needed. Having taken Susan Lenart Kazmer’s class on cold enameling, I purchased several jars of “Relique” powders in German Silver, Pewter, Gold, and Copper to play with. I also couldn’t resist the array of beautiful ribbons, vinyl beads, vintage sequins and beads, woven brass straps, bicycle reflectors, and cool Titanium Hematite beads you see here. 
BeadAndButton2013_ToolPurchasesAs for tools, aside from a beautiful little Fretz jeweler’s hammer, I didn’t really buy anything exciting or innovative. One can never have too many interlocking tweezers, and having found these at a very good price, I stocked up. And then there are the great sets of little needle files and bead reamers that are wonderful to take to classes so I added them to my stash. These items will all come in very handy when I work with metal!