I had a dream in which I was teaching a bead embroidery class and as in so many dreams one has, it was fraught with problems that must be solved. In this dream (perhaps I should call it a nightmare!), I was teaching my “Six Petal Bloom” project.

So far, so good, but I had more students than anticipated and not enough kits to go around so I was rapidly trying to gather extra materials to assemble more kits while at the same time trying to answer questions and help students with their stitching. And as the students were working on their projects, they were running out of beads so I was dashing about to stores looking for more beads…all while the class was going on! Phew! Happily, I awoke in my bed and not a classroom! In reality, I don’t teach…I’m not comfortable in that arena. Although I’ve been asked numerous times to teach, designing and writing tutorials is the closest I come to a teaching gig. My comfort zone is being ensconced in my studio and working on a project in the company of cats! With some classic jazz playing in the background or a Poirot or other mystery DVD playing, color me happy!