My collection of jewelry has grown over the years and continues to grow as I make more. I consider all the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and various other bibelots in my cache tiny art objects to be enjoyed whether worn or not.  Rather than tucking pieces away in drawers, I am always on the hunt for suitable displays for my work.  I’ve come up with several solutions.


One idea came from a home improvement store where I bought a metal grid that I had framed. I made tiny hooks using bronze wires that hold each piece in place.  They blend well with my work and can be moved readily as I change out pieces.


I also have several small glass-topped jewelry boxes that hold my treasures!  These boxes came from a hobby store.  They are very useful, although items tend to get a bit tangled now and then!


Earring stands made of polymer clay and recycled dry-cleaning hangers are both decorative and useful as well as being very inexpensive to create!


I purchased this mirror at a craft store.  After painting it and adding Plexiglass leaves at the top and a decorative black design at the base, I created an additional frame of twigs.  The painted twigs are very useful for holding bracelets, chains and earrings.



As for a live display…HRH Princess Peek-a-Boo certainly is a good model!