Ocean Flora Bead Emroidered Brooch - Row 2

I had every intention of devoting most of this past week to creating a new beaded brooch and tutorial, but daily minutiae piled up!  With recent heavy rains, there was much weeding to be done along the prairie path and in the flower beds.  There were many errands to run…when you live in the country driving takes up a lot of time and I try to do as many errands as I can to cut back on time spent in transit.

Sea Garden - Beading Kit 3 Closeup

 Having just listed my one-of-a-kind “Sea Garden” Brooch kits there were several orders to fill and kits to assemble…well, I’m sure you know how life can get in the way of best laid plans!  So, now I’ll finally be able to sit down and bead…at least for a few hours!