DelicaBeadsBeading kits are expensive, especially if they contain beads from Japan.  Many kits, my own designer beading kits included, are priced in excess of $100.  But when you realize all that goes into the creation of the design and the assembly of a kit, it’s easier to understand why they cost as much as they do.  Beads from Japan, considered to be of the highest quality (especially cylinder beads), have almost doubled in price over the past year.  I just ordered these minuscule 5 gram bags of Myuki Delica beads and the total came to over $60!  That’s a lot of money for very little product.  Add to that the other items that comprise a kit (i.e. instructions, embellishments, crystal rivolis and/or rhinestones, pearls, etc.,) then factor in the time it takes to assemble and label all the materials that are part of the kit and it becomes abundantly clear why beading kits cost so much.  As with knitting and the cost of quality imported yarns, one must realize that you do not knit or bead to save money.  Rather, it is following one’s passions – the process and satisfaction of creating is in of itself, the greatest reward!