No, not the long-awaited CGB Volume II (that’s still in the works), but the next best thing…the “Contemporary Geometric Beadwork” poster, which shows so many fabulous pieces! A plethora of horns, wings, and triangles burst from Fortune Teller, ZigZag, and ZigWinged works! So much eye candy to ponder and admire! See that brooch directly underneath the word “Contemporary”? That’s my “Conecopia” brooch, my first and only foray into geometric experimentation with cones. It worked up rather quickly, but then I struggled with what to do with it. I didn’t want it to be a pendant, but the idea of a brooch greatly appealed to me. With hammer in hand and using a bit of bronze wire as an armature, I forged and fashioned a wrapped clasp around the stem of the cone. However, I felt it still needed “something extra” so I inserted a bit of green tulle into the wide opening and finished the edges with a light brushing of gold paint. I’m very pleased with this unique and novel piece…it will look great pinned to my winter-weight sweaters!