Now that I’ve finished my latest beading project and tutorial I finally have time to replenish my stash of bronze metal clay “Urchins” and “Ammonites” (a special order for these was the impetus). This photo shows the bronze metal clay components in the pre-firing stage being tidied up and having their holes filed smooth. After sanding and refining their edges and bottoms as well, they will be put in the kiln for firing. Post-firing, they will be put in the jewelry tumbler for several hours, emerging with a lovely gold patina. While hunting through my stash for a packet of bronze clay I also discovered several packs of copper metal clay, which I’ve never used and hope to start experimenting with soon!

There are so many things I want to create and so many materials that I want to play with at the moment! I really want to get back into the metals studio and make more rings…a poison ring with a hidden compartment is an intriguing project! I have an idea for a polymer clay and beaded beads project in mind…I want to experiment with beaded hexagons and cubes and other shapes. And playing with stamps and decoupaging boxes and tins with paper intrigues me. As always, so many ideas and never enough time!