Why? Because it is so expensive! When the price of silver skyrocketed several years ago, a lot of jewelry artists started to use bronze and copper in wire and sheet form instead of silver. Thankfully, the price of silver has recently come down making it more affordable, but the price of silver metal clay has not…it is still costs over twice as much as silver sheet and wire! Needless to say, I save my silver metal clay for making items that simply can’t be duplicated with silver sheet. Recently I ran out of the tiny silver metal clay ammonites that I use so often for embellishing my work and I’ve had many requests for them from customers who love to use them in their bead embroidery and as components in their jewelry creations. So I now have a small supply once again and have several collections available in my Etsy shop. If you’ve been wanting these fine silver components, snap them up before they’re gone!