My “Parrot Fish Cuff” is finally finished as are the beading kit and tutorial (available in my Etsy shop).  I am pleased beyond words with this graceful slip-on cuff! Inspired by CGB and the many beautifully colored Parrot Fish I’ve had the pleasure to observe while diving in tropical waters, it is the most colorful piece I have made to date.  Composed of twenty-four colors and almost 60 grams of Delica and seed beads in various shades of teal, mauve, lime, coral, blue, and green, the patterned sections are bordered by darkest gunmetal and rich blue-greens embellish the zigzagged lower edge.  Ten fins flare out along one edge, lending an almost ethereal quality to this cuff.  I’ll be wearing it with a subtle shade of mauve nail polish on my fingers, content to let my “Parrot Fish Cuff” be the star attraction!