Poodle2Well, if this poodle has anything to say about it, the answer is definitely yes! Last weekend we dined in a restaurant that is located in a large hotel and it just so happened that a dog groomer’s convention was being held in an adjacent ballroom. The groomers were parading their pooches to and fro and we were amazed at the show dogs sporting wild cuts and colors prancing royally as their glitter-painted toenails clicked upon the marble floor. Faux gem-studded clips and collars adorned ears and necks. Upon seeing this, I thought there must be a market that caters to pampered pets whose owners want to indulge them with “jewel” encrusted necklaces, ankle bracelets, and tail rings and indeed there is!  One thing is sure…my cats would never allow me to adorn them with beads and baubles or put up with this sort of activity. Being brushed is as much as they will tolerate (albeit, Peekaboo was tolerant enough to “model” one of my beadwoven bangles for the amount of time it took to snap the shutter on my camera)!  And I’m guessing that most dogs would rather spend their time just be rolling around in the grass and playing fetch, although there certainly were some Prima Donna pooches parading around…you could tell by the way they pranced that they are used to wearing “finery” and being fawned over! It’s safe to say I’ll continue using my skills in the creation of jewelry for humans although should any of my customers want to lend their jewelry to “man’s best friend”, that’s their prerogative!