EmpressMingCuff_BlueAndRedColorways_edited-3If you wear a beadwoven piece of jewelry often, it will need repair or at the very least shoring up. Thread softens and stretches and what was once a firm piece of jewelry transforms into a softer, gentler version of itself, which can be good or bad depending on your expectations for the piece. I’ve worn the blue version of my “Empress Ming” cuff (inspired by Wing and Horns in CGB) so often over the last year that the points are starting to droop inwards. To reinforce and make each point stand outright again, I’m running a single thread of Fireline through the beads along the outer edge of the cuff and right at the spot where the 15/0 beads meet the Delica beads near the tip, I’ve strung a 3.4mm Drop bead (exactly like the drop bead used in the tutorial) and passed across and up through the adjacent 15/0 bead. I’ve added a single 15/0 bead in-between the two sides to help draw them closer together and another 15/0 seed bead before and following the 3.4mm drop bead. Now onto repeating this step with the remaining points!  The nicest surprise is that the additional drop beads add more interest…I actually like it better after the reinforcement!