Robin'sNest_FiveEggs_05-16-13It can come from anywhere. This robin’s nest, perched on a stone pillar outside our garage, contains five beautiful blue eggs. Mama Robin has been tending to her nest and I was lucky to capture this photo while Mixed Media - Bird and Egg Pendant - Handle with Care copyshe was stretching her wings. It’s easy to be inspired by something like this. The mixed media pendant shown here definitely reflects the inspiration derived from the beauty of my surroundings! Created with silver strip, bronze wire and rivets, and polymer clay, the piece is a story unto itself.  A little mama bird sits upon a gigantic egg that sways gently from a twig made of cast silver, which is embellished with a pearl at one end and a garnet cabochon at the other. A vine and leaf made of sterling silver twines itself around the hammered bronze wires that support the egg and a tiny egg made of carved bone is cradled in a miniature sterling silver next that sits atop the branch. The title of this piece is “Handle with Care”.