Beadtool4_ParrotFishDesign I’ve been on the computer creating charts for my upcoming project.  I’m toying with several ideas, all of which are sea-themed.  Here is the beginning of a design featuring a colorful fish, but I will be playing around with more images before I settle on a design for the intended project. Altering the colors numerous times before I’m satisfied, I spend additional hours and often days tweaking the pattern and breaking it up into useable sections that correlate with the scale and number of beads used in the proposed beaded piece. The finished pattern seldom resembles the design idea I start out with. I’m using Beadtool4  software, which is great for creating charts, but it does have limitations. For instance, it does not allow one to create three-dimensional images for pieces that are beaded in the round. I would need Adobe Illustrator or a similar program to do that sort of imagery and those programs have a rather steep learning curve. I’m not sure that I’m willing to  deal with the expense and time (not to mention the frustration!) of learning those programs at this point in time. Stay tuned…I’ll be back in a few days with a finished chart. I’m more than ready to start beading my next cuff!