Tibetan Inspired Beaded Rope - Triangle Charm - Row Stitching to Rope

I’m still not over whatever bug has gotten me, but I did have enough energy today to complete directions for the Triangle Charm portion of my “Tibetan Inspired Beaded Rope” tutorial and the only thing left to do is the portion of the tutorial that entails creating the polymer accent beads…mixing the various colors with translucent clay, shaping and texturing the beads, baking them, adding paint to the recessed areas, sanding and polishing the beads, drilling the holes and taking photos of each step. This is truly one of the most labor-intensive projects I’ve made recently and the tutorial is going to consist of more pages than any of my tutorials thus far. But I think anyone who likes to work in mixed-media or wants to explore making faux gemstones with polymer clay, or work with metal, and/or bead geometrically will find this project very interesting and a lot of fun to make!