Exploration with color and design is so important! I’ve charted three designs using sixteen different color combinations and I’ve learned that seeing the colors on paper is quite different from seeing the actual triangle worked up! Just look at top four triangle designs for example. The color combinations make the pattern design look so different! The second from the left seems rather subdued even though I used a bright opaque orange at the center portion of the design. That happened because I used a silver-lined light orange for the single dots of color…you’ll notice that the color combinations almost blend into each other, whereas the triangles at either side of it use contrasting colors that make the small dots pop!, especially the triangle to the left that has black contrasting against bright opaque yellow dots. I love them all and would be hard pressed to choose a favorite from the group. The lovely thing about beaded triangles is that they take very little time to work up so making samples is fun and the end results can be used as earrings or stitched together to form a bracelet or necklace or three-dimensional forms! I’ve just started playing with these particular pattern designs and my initial idea was to create a Kaleiocycle (inspired by CGB), and I still plan to make one, but what the many other samples I intend to work up will end up being used for is anyone’s guess…I’ll make that decision later!