FireDragonWrap_InProgress_10-19-14I haven’t done much beading in the past few weeks and I miss it, but life does have a habit of taking over and one realizes there is just not enough time to do everything one would like…fact of life. But, because of this, I am so appreciative of the moments I can spend following my various passions! Even though my “Fire Dragon” (inspired by CGB and riding on the tails of my “Sea Dragon“, “Sea Dragon Variation“, and “Loch Ness Sea Dragon” designs) is far from finished, I find great delight in picking up this intensely colorful project and watching as the pattern work takes form. I love seeing the sculptural Wings expand and furl upon each other and the Horns evolving in peak-like fashion as if tiny crimson volcanoes were erupting from each dragon “scale”. I plan to carve out time to work another row or two today if life moves smoothly along its path and the gods looks favorably upon me!