You were wondering if I’d ever finish this project, right?  With summer obligations, dealing with a sick cat entailing visits to the veterinarian, and daily minutiae, I also wondered how much longer it would take. But here it is…a study in vividly bright as well as subdued colors all blending to make one very happy piece!  Delica beads in twenty-nine colors were used to creat each component! Composed of geometrically beaded squares, pentagons, and triangles, it reminds me of the myriad of colors one might associate with celebrations, circus wagons, piñatas, and the like.  Ultimately, I settled on “Carnival” as the title of this bracelet. Each beadwoven bead is separated by a colorful 6mm Druk bead.  I love these shapes…especially the pentagon-shaped clasp! I’m now in the midst of proofreading the tutorial, which I hope to have ready very soon…stay tuned!