Stop the World – I Want to Get Off! That is the title of a 1961 musical written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, but I tend to vociferate that phrase when it seems that the world is handing out more craziness than sanity. The issues at hand, sabotage, and  maliciousness between parties in the 2016 election have contributed to a feeling of uneasiness and less optimism for mankind. Grandpa said time and again, “Everything always works out”, and the British believe that “A nice cup of tea will put you right!”, but all I want to do now is escape to the isolation of my studio where I can lose myself in beadwork and clear my head of current events. I’m starting another geometric warped square, which will most likely become an earring with a mosaic-like pattern. Of course, in the design stage it can morph into something else entirely. I let the beads speak and I listen attentively, but I’m in control of the outcome. Burying myself in a colorful bead-filled world is what I need at the moment. The project is fun to do and the end product will be enduring and beautiful!