I love the enormous color range, their precise size and shape, and the way they line up in such neat little rows. I’m using them in the bracelet I’m working on here. Thank goodness I still have a good sized stash of these little sparklies. However, I’m running short on some colors and need to reorder soon. I’ve checked my usual sources and couldn’t believe how much the price of these cylinder beads has increased since my last purchase. Depending on the finish, which can be opaque, matte, metallic, transparent, plated with precious metal, etc., a tiny 8 gram bag or tube of Delicas can cost anywhere from $3 to as much as $15. At these prices, you definitely do not want to bead anywhere near deep pile carpet! At the moment I’m beading in bed with a tray on my lap while watching my favorite movie classics. The tray helps to keep my beads contained while the movies add to the pleasure of my beading experience!