images-2Granted, sixty-five is a significant birthday. My husband kept trying to come up with ideas for celebrating it. He wanted to do something very special and even offered to take me to Paris! Now, you’re going to think I’m rather strange for rejecting that offer, but I truly don’t enjoy traveling anymore. First, there is the jet-lag with which I do poorly. Second, I don’t enjoy going places where language is a barrier for me. My skills in French, German, Dutch, Italian, etc., are woefully limited and I’ve already been to those countries among others. Third, I miss Peekaboo…she’s my constant companion and being away from her for any length of time more than a day is heart wrenching! I also missĀ being in my studio surrounded by all my “creative stuff”! No doubt about it, the longer I’m away, the more I want to be home! So, I opted for what I enjoy most (besides creating!!!) and that is shopping, gallery hopping, and dining on sumptuous food. Thankfully, I don’t have to go far for any of that. Chicago is just three hours away and a weekend in the city is all I need to satisfy my wanderlust! In fact, I can’t wait to return to the serenity of the countryside after being cast amidst throngs of people, chaotic traffic, and city noise. I’m always so happy and relieved to return home!