Potpourri Bracelet - Title Page copyPeople ask that question all the time.  I used to do art fairs and, besides the occasional comment by some proud parent (i.e. My daughter makes jewelry just like this!), the question of how long it took to create a piece just drove me crazy.  Making art is not like going to a nine to five job where you have X amount of minutes for breaks and/or lunch and when the clock strikes five you’re finished for the day.  When I’m working in my studio I’m constantly interrupted – the phone rings, my cat whines for attention, my husband asks a question or needs me to help him with something, an email needs to be answered, a package delivery needs my signature, I’ve run out of a particular bead and need to reorder it right away, and on and on!  These are common occurrences that happen daily and unless I keep a stopwatch at my workbench, beading table, or craft area (okay, where is it in this pile of beads?) I truly can’t answer how long it takes to make a particular piece.  And how about the amount of time spent designing the piece or in classes and workshops learning the craft and techniques that go into making the jewelry?  Shouldn’t these also be factored into the equation?  I guess the answer to “How long did it take you to make this?” should be days, weeks, months, and years!