ShutterflyBookA few years ago, as a present for my husband, I created a book filled with photos of our European vacation. There are several companies that specialize in this sort of thing…I used and it sure beats pasting photos in an album or scrapbook!  It’s pretty easy…you just upload photos from your computer and drag them into the templates on Shutterfly’s website.  One nice feature is that even after you have created a book, you can always go back to the Shutterfly website and add more pages or change out photos and/or text. Several days ago I received an email offer for a free 8×8 inch 20-page hardcover book.  I decided to make  a photo book of my beadwork with captions and a bit of text pertaining to each piece. This photo shows the cover and spine and the interior pages will look equally professional, as if they had been produced by one of the well-known publishing houses! The book should be here within two weeks and I can’t wait to see it!  I may do another one that showcases my metalwork and mixed media.  It’s sort of nice to have a chronicle of one’s work in a convenient format!  This book will, of course, have a prominent spot on the coffee table!