This is a piece I made several years ago. It certainly isn’t a traditional Easter cross! According to Wikipedia, “It represents the concept of life, which is the general meaning of the symbol. The Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. The ankh appears in hand or in proximity of almost every deity in the Egyptian pantheon (including Pharaohs). Thus it is fairly and widely understood as a symbol of early religious pluralism: all sects believed in a common story of eternal life, and this is the literal meaning of the symbol. This rationale contributed to the adoption of the ankh by New Age mysticism in the 1960s. The ankh symbol was so prevalent that it has been found in digs as far as Mesopotamia and Persia, and even on the seal of the biblical king Hezekiah.”
Titled “Princess Ananka’s Ankh”, this piece is made of heavily textured bronze metal clay that has been darkened to accentuate the various reliefs that embellish this piece.  The tiny embedded “Fire Opals” are actually poured resin. A textured and antiqued sterling silver chain adds the finishing touch to this piece.