Books - Medieval Dark History

I recently came across these books while perusing the shelves in a Books A Million store. These books are of particular interest to me as I’ve been working on my “Medieval Muses” jewelry collection inspired by the royalty of medieval history.

As a child I loved fairytales and pretended to be a princess fashioning silk scarves into capes and coloring and cutting out cardboard crowns to wear above my Rapunzel-like golden braids! The lives of kings and queens seemed so foreign and exotic compared to my formative years spent in the era of modern day 1950’s. Of course, as I matured I realized that the lives of Royals during that period were nothing like fairytales. Living “happily ever after” was seldom the scenario experienced by those born to the throne or those desirous of it!

“Dark History Of The Kings & Queens Of Europe – From Medieval Tyrants To Mad Monarchs” by Brenda Ralph Lewis and “Dark History Of The Tudors – Murder, Adultery, Incest, Witchcraft, Wars, Religious Persecution, Piracy” by Judith John… I look forward to several free afternoons curled up with a cup of tea and book in hand in front of the fireplace!