Mixed Media - Polymer Clay - Tribal EarringsAs the saying goes…the third time’s the charm! I’d been working on a pair of earrings featuring polymer clay faux amber and coral. The first pair (shown at left) also featured faux turquoise. I found this pair to be too long and too heavy to wear. Back to the drawing board! I dismantled them and decided to use the elements from the left earring to create a new pair. I was quite pleased with this pair of asymmetrical earrings (shown below right), which I store on an earring rack on my vanity along with others that I frequently 
wear so I see them day and night.Mixed Media - Polymer clay - Earrings  As the days passed, I noticed something about the design didn’t look quite right to me. The earring with the polymer clay faux amber spike drop lacked a certain substance…a “je ne sais quoi” that the other earring possessed. And then it struck me…the earring needed a corrugated sterling silver triangle for balance and relationship to its mate. So back to the workbench I went where I dismantled the earring and started anew for the third time!

Mixed Media - Polymer clay - Earrings Redux

The redesigned earring now sports a horizontally placed silver corrugated triangle. I think it looks so much better…tu es d’accord, n’est-ce pas?