Mixed Media_Earrings_Etched TextI’ve accumulated a really nice stash of Faux Bone™. If you haven’t heard of it, Faux Bone™ is sold by Robert Dancik and used as an ivory substitute. It can be sawed, carved, colored, heated and bent and it is a really wonderful product! I’ve made several pieces using Faux Bone™ and really want to create more! In cleaning my studio, I came across sawed pieces of Faux Bone™ leftover from a bracelet project. The shapes lent themselves well to a pair of earrings!  I carved the Faux Bone™ and used it as a backing to which I riveted pieces of bronze that I had etched in a class taught by Richard Salley several years ago. With the addition of several hammered copper disks and a bit of free-formed wirework, I now have a really nice pair of earrings…and one can never have too many earrings!