Crikey, I can’t’ even see the surface of my beading table anymore! The assembly of beading kits and Colourways Collections has completely taken over my life these past days. Perhaps it was Black Friday or Cyber Monday or the long weekend that has created a feeding frenzy of shoppers to jump online and order. Like squirrels gathering acorns, perhaps the onset of winter with more time to spend indoors is enticing people to order beads and projects. Whatever the reason, you can tell by this avalanche of beads that I have been extremely busy! The beaded cuff I’m presently working on has been languishing while I’ve been counting, weighing, and packaging beads, printing tutorials, and getting orders out the door. But I don’t mind it one bit!  Like the fable, I’d much rather be the industrious Ant than the Grasshopper who fiddled his time away!