I had not intended to start my warped square project with a confetti-like design. I had carefully drawn out a mosaic-like colored graph, selected six colors, poured them into their respective containers, and placed them in my travel tin. My mistake was leaving the travel tin on the table instead of packing it in my bag. All was fine until I heard a crash and the sound of beads hitting the floor! Jackson is the sort of cat who LOVES to nudge objects with his paw until they topple over the edge of any counter or tabletop. While my back was turned, he had jumped up on the table and wreaked havoc! There were just too many beads to sort so there I was on my hands and knees dabbing at Delicas with my index finger from the tile floor (thank goodness the area is not carpeted!) and sweeping up the rest with a whisk broom. Needless to say, Jackson did not score any points with me!