Being frugal, it seems that I never throw anything away.  I’ve used empty cosmetic  containers for so many purposes…storing beads, resin inclusions, and tiny parts that easily get lost on my workbench!  If you use liquid polymer clay, you know that it’s a very thick and sticky substance and not all that easy to work with straight from the bottle. And, if you want to add color to it or a touch of pearlescent powder, you definitely need to transfer the medium to a container. It does not clean up easily and requires alcohol for removal. Because my cats tend to jump up on my worktable whenever my back is turned (sneaky little tykes!), it’s very important that I have a way to keep them from getting into it and I’ve found just the thing! This tiny compact once contained lip gloss, but it now has a new life as a container for tiny amounts of liquid polymer clay.  When not in use, I simply close the lid keeping dust and dirt out as well as cat paws!