SeaDragonWristWrapVariation_InProgressEver since I finished my jungle toned green “Sea Dragon” wrist wrap (inspired by the Sea Serpent in CGB), I’ve wanted to make another in warmer tones.  I have a variation of the original wrist warp in progress now, this time in Earth tones.  The photo shown here doesn’t do justice to the rich colors I’m using – metallic browns, deep lustrous reds, and dark steel create the outline of the Dragon’s scales, which are woven in soft shades of peach, golds, tangerine, and mauves.  The iridescent pale orange spines literally shimmer!  The variation doesn’t stop with colors that are different from the original.  It has tapered ends as well, rather than squared-off.  I’m only half-finished so I may find other ways to vary it from the first rendition, but I will be including directions for the variation with the original tutorial that accompanies the “Sea Dragon” beading kit, which will ship starting April 1.  You are most welcome to pre-order a kit – email me if you’re interested.  I’ll be offering other color combinations as well.  Each kit will contain twenty or more colors and finishes running the gamut from iridescent to opaque to matte to transparent that blend beautifully with one another!  You can choose Ocean (blues/greens/purples), Earth (orange/pinks/golds/browns), Desert (beige/off-white/browns/black) or you may request your favorite colors and I’ll put together a custom kit especially for you!