OpArtCuff_TitlePage copyHave you received your April 2013 issue of Bead and Button magazine?  On pages 64 through 66 you’ll find a tutorial for my designer pattern, the “Op Art Cuff”.  Are you wondering about the title?  It hales from the 1960’s when Pop Art was the rage.  A spin-off of Pop Art was Op Art, referring to art that creates optical illusion – visually perceived images that differ from objective reality.  As I designed the graph for this piece, I started with teardrop shapes comprised of several colors intersected with undulating ribbons of contrast color. Depending on the light, this design somewhat plays tricks on one’s eyes.  I really like the autumnal colors of this piece, but had it been made in hot pink, acid green, stark white and black beads, it would fit right in with fashion of the 60’s.  Rudy Gernriech and Mary Quant clothing would have been perfectly accessorized with this “hip” design! Comprised of six colors of 11/0 seed beads and accented with my handmade bronze clasp ring, it measures a little over an inch in width.  Tiny textured bronze metal clay disks accent the surface of the cuff and sparkly Swarovski Lochrosen crystals perch in their centers. You’ll find the beading kit for sale in my Etsy shop.