BeadedCuff_GeometricBeading_Progress1Yes, I’ve embarked on another beady geometric adventure. How this design will evolve is still a mystery. I’m visualizing a cuff this time around and I’ve selected a palette of black, ivory, grey, and red, accented with metallic gold, copper, and steel although as the cuff progresses, I may decide to include additional colors.  I’m loving the mystery of this “tour”, of not being sure what the end result will be.  Designing as I go, watching the patterns of color move along the width and length of the cuff is exciting and feels somewhat akin to working a puzzle, in which I’m compelled to continue until I fit all the pieces together.  The relaxing state of Zen I usually experience while beading eludes me with this particular piece…perhaps, it’s the bold colors, or the attention to detail of the progressing pattern that is making me feel a bit on edge.  I’ve already had to tear out several rows due to a missed bead (note to self:  always check each segment of every row before continuing)! It is said the devil’s in the detail and that is proving to be true with this piece.  Like the girl in “The Red Shoes” ballet who couldn’t stop dancing while wearing the red shoes, I feel driven with this project.  I must keep going…beading endlessly round and round and round!