MirrorJewelryStorageThe tag said “On Sale” and the mirror was marked down significantly. I found it at a craft store about fifteen years ago. Originally it had a boring white frame, but I thought it had possibilities. I started by painting the frame and sawing and carving plexiglas leaves and a what looks like an upside down black mountain range, which I attached to the frame with mini nuts and bolts. Then I remembered that I had an interesting bundle of twigs, which had lost their bark courtesy of some hungry river beavers. I added some paint to the naked twigs and made a surround for the frame from them. This mirror has been hanging on my wall for at least ten years and it is only recently that I came to view it in a different light. That twig surround is perfect for hanging jewelry pieces! Why didn’t I think of that before? With all the effort and time I spend making jewelry, it seems a shame to have tucked away in drawers and boxes when it isn’t being worn. I love the idea of having my work on display where I can enjoy glancing at the pieces as I pass by! It may collect a bit of dust and require frequent cleaning, but that’s a small price to pay for the pleasure of viewing it on a daily basis!