Metal Work - De Medici - Earrings copyThe Cross Pattée is a perfect addition to medieval inspired jewelry and a form I am readily using in my work of late. My “Cross of Alisée” earrings embellished with Chalcedony briolette dangles were created first. Accented with cabochons of Garnet and a Chrysocolla briolette dangle, “Catherine’s Crosses” followed. My third pair of earrings is titled “Dé Medici” for Caterina Maria Romula di Lorenzo dé Medici, wife and Queen Consort of Henry II of France and mother of three kings of France; Francis II, Charles IX, and Henry III. A devout Catholic and patron of the arts, Catherine dé Medici reigned from 1547-1559 although she maintained much political influence after the death of Henry while her sons ruled France.

The crosses are made of sterling silver.  A small 14k gold heart sit atop a larger heart made of bronze. Cabochons of Onyx and Watermelon Tourmaline grace the arms of each cross and a large black pearl dangles at the bottom from a length of chain.