CreativeBeading_Volume9Yesterday a box from Kalmbach Publishing arrived in my mailbox. My first thought was, “What could this be?” Inside was “Creative Beading – Volume 9”, the latest in the series of “Creative Beading – the Best Projects of the Year from Bead&Button Magazine” books. I have several editions in the series that I’ve collected over the years, but I didn’t remember ordering this book. And then it dawned on me that perhaps they had sent the book to me because one of my projects was included…and yes, right there on pages 237 through 239 was my mixed media “Op Art” Cuff!

OpArtCuff_TitlePageThank you, Bead&Button! Although I’ve retired the beading kit, the detailed “Op Art” Cuff tutorial, which includes more photos is still listed in my Etsy shop!