Caldera_JPGeometricBeadwork_BarbaraBriggsI love this bracelet (inspired by Jean Power’s “Caldera” and CGB) and after spending what seems like an eternity stitching all these tiny triangles, I almost lost it!  I was shopping the other day and went into a dressing room to try clothes on.  Of course, I had to remove the bracelet from my wrist because it does get in the way.  After trying on several items, I did more shopping and while sorting through clothes on the rack, my eyes focused on my wrist and OMG, it was bare!  I realized that I had either left the bracelet in the dressing room or dropped it on the way out!  I retraced my steps and found nothing until I arrived at the dressing room, which was now occupied.  I knocked on the door.  It opened and there it was!  I saw my bracelet on the bench where I remembered placing it.  The lady occupying the dressing room said she had found it lying on the floor and was just about to turn it into the lost and found department.  I was so relieved!  After all the hours spent creating this piece, you can bet that I will definitely be more careful in the future!