I have an entire drawer dedicated to Delica beads…hundreds of 7 gram tubes have been stored there. But in the past year I’ve started purchasing bead colors in 50 gram lots and that takes up a lot of space. Initially, I kept the beads in individual bags stored in trays, but that became a bit disorganized as the collection of colors grew. My remedy is clear acrylic 2.25″ deep storage containers. Each container holds approximately 45-50 grams of beads. The color numbers and their names are easily identifiable (a practically impossible task when trying to read on a tiny tube!) and selecting colors for projects and beading kits is now so much more efficient. I can see at a glance the colors I’m running low on and need to reorder. Plus they fit inside the same drawer that I’ve used all along! Now to tackle reorganizing the metal and clay studios!