What am I doing this week? I’m creating tiny gift boxes and bags. With the holidays rapidly approaching, I’ll need hostess gifts and small tokens of appreciation to give to friends and service people.  

To make this process easier than cutting and measuring cardstock with ruler and cutting matt, I’ve invested in a Big Shot Plus cutting and embossing machine. 

It can handle paper and cardstock up to 8.5” in width so I can make nifty pillow boxes that are large enough to hold materials for my beading kits. Each box and bag is one of a kind because I buy plain cardstock and embellish it with stamped designs and/or apply torn art papers onto them. It’s a fun creative outlet and makes gifts and kits all the more special!

This little box is the perfect size for holding my Delica-filled Large Color Wheels!  I know of several beaders who would love to receive gifts like these!