Whichever way you choose to spell it, I find Druzy to be dazzling! If you haven’t a clue of what I’m referring to it is a coating of fine crystals that appear on a fractured rock or within a geode.  The crystals sparkle and glisten, especially if they have been treated by electro-coating, which gives them a shimmering iridescent quality.  When incorporated in jewelry a Druzy seems to add a feeling of magic! The first photo shows a collection of natural Druzy Agate and Quartz stones that I have collected.  The second photo shows a brooch in which I used a Druzy as a focal accent.

The third photo shows the fruits of this past week’s labor. I’ve been experimenting with resin and I made this collection of colorful faux Druzy stones that will be fun to use in my metal work as cabochons set in silver bezels and as focal cabochons on bead-embroidered pieces!